Connect Mailchimp in Octovid and get Token.

Inside your Octovid Player account, click on Settings and Mailchimp Integration.

This will display the Mailchimp authorization page where you can login to Mailchimp to authorize the Octovid Player.

You will have to select a specific subscriber list from your Mailchimp account here also.

Create Octovid Player project.

Within your Octovid Player project, add text with merge tags, eg;  _FNAME with {visitor} default tag.

EG: Hello _FNAME{visitor} How's everything at _COMPANY{work}?

Display full screen video (URL) and copy your project URL.

NOTE: YOU NEED TO HAVE DEFAULT {default} and ensure the merge tag in Octovid Player are in CAPITAL letters also!

Create Campaign in Mailchimp.

Create your Mailchimp campaign as normal. Add the URL of your project and append e=*|EMAIL_UID|* 

Once you're sending this email campaign to the same subscriber list authorized in the first step, it will update the unique ID with your subscribers details when you preview or launch your campaign.*|EMAIL_UID|*

or*|EMAIL_UID|* (if you have embeded your Octovid Player video on